Green-Ener-Tech have during the last 10 years dismantled approx. 800 turbines mainly of the brands Vestas, Nordtank , Wind World, Bonus , Siemens , DWP , Micon, Wincon, Wind Matic and Nordex.

We can take care of dismantling of wind turbines A-Z:

  • Including preparing the turbine
  • Ordering iron plates and put then in correct order
  • Order the correct crane
  • Use the correct lifting equipment
  • Dismantling of rotors and towers
  • Store the parts correct
  • Transport the parts with own trailers and crane

We can give you an offer for refurbishing your wind turbine. Change all the bearings in gear and generator and ouerhaul of yaw system , pumps etc.

We have many spares in stock for different kind of Danish made turbines send us your mail with your requist / needs.