About Green-Ener-Tech ApS

Repowering & sale of used wind turbines and parts

Green-Ener-Tech have during the last 10 years dismantled approx. 800 turbines mainly of the brands Vestas, Nordtank , Wind World, Bonus , Siemens , DWP , Micon, Wincon, Wind Matic and Nordex.

We take care of everything from buying the turbine to make the site to agriculture land again

Green-Ener-Tech was founded in year 2000

In year 2000 the Danish goverment made an repowering program with the purpose to reduce the amount of small turbines and build bigger MW turbines. The windturbines in Denmark now covering approx. 43 % of the electricity and expected to be 50 % in 2020. During this programme approx. 2000 turbines have been dismantled and most of it exported and rebuild. Green-Ener-Tech have in this period dismantled and exported approx. 800 turbines. We are your A-Z repowering partner because:

  • We can buy your turbine
  • We can sell and export wind turbines
  • We can dismantle wind turbines ourself
  • We can remove foundations and roads
  • We can transport the wind turbines
  • We can build the wind turbine at the new site

Our products

Nm48 tower HH 45 m

LM 19 blade extender

Blade extenders V4x

Transformer 690 / 10000 v

Towers for ww2700 / 2800 2 sections 30 m

Foundation sections NTK 500

Foundation sections NTK 500

Store frames for nacelle V66 to V80 rental

Towers for Vestas V25 to V29, 30 m HH

Tower NM52 0HH 500 m